We all have about three meals per day and they’re quite enough to keep us energized and well-balanced. However, sometimes in between meals we feel the urge to snack. Why?

There are several reasons why you need to snack, such as:

  • Because your adrenal glands get off the track and our body needs something to get things back on track and balanced.
  • Our sugar levels get disrupted and even though we try to get in the routine of eating 2-3 meals per day we have to snack on something to restore the balance.
  • You have to take your pill which needs to be consumed along with food
  • You have problems with insulin, leptin or some other hormone
  • You’ve suffered some emotional stress and you need comfort food
  • You’ve lost energy during workout and need something to restore it
  • You have a hectic schedule that doesn’t allow regular meals
  • You can’t find room in your schedule for a heavy lunch
  • You’re on an insulin therapy and you have to snack when your sugar levels drop
  • You eat dinner later than usual

Whatever the reason that urges you to have a snack it should never be an excuse to eat chocolate or sweets loaded with sugar, that’s just a bad habit and you need to shake it off.

You should never see snacking as:

  • An excuse to take a break.
  • A substitute for something you don’t want to eat
  • A pretext for emotional eating
  • A well-deserved prize after a hard day at work
  • A solution for not looking after your blood sugar levels

A snack is fine as long as it’s healthy and nutritious, not some junk snack you crave for. A healthy snack should contain plenty of healthy fats. It should also be rich in protein to maintain blood sugar balance, about 20gr. of it per meal. It should be between 100-400 calories, which mainly depends on whether the snack is food for the brain or food for after workout. It should be rich in vitamins and minerals, and have a plethora of healthy nutrients. And finally it should clear your head and give you strength.

The following 12 snacks are healthy, nutritious, won’t cause a blood sugar spike and won’t cause you to gain weight:

Pumpkin seeds

These little seeds are loaded  with healthy fats, proteins, minerals and fiber, including zinc and magnesium which promote mental health.

Macadamia nuts

They contain healthy fats and  are anti-inflammatory agents.

Fat bombs

Make your own healthy fats bombs by combining cocoa butter, avocado, coconut oil, stevia seeds and nut. Toss everything in a blender, combine and freeze for later use.

Veggies and hummus

Home-made humus is much better because the store-bought ones are loaded with corn, soy and canola oil.

Mini frittatas

Mini frittatas are good for breakfast as well.

Date balls

Combine it with some seeds, nut butter and nuts.

Avocado- Chocolate pudding

Mix some cocoa powder with some mashed avocados and add a few liquid stevia drops for sweetness. You can add some protein powder as well and you’ve got yourself a healthy pudding.

DIY Jello

There are thousands of recipes available online, find the best one for you.


The best option for a smoothie is combining healthy fats like coconut or avocado, leafy greens, some protein powder and a banana or some stevia for sweetness.

Yogurt Parfait

You can make yogurt parfait very easily by mixing some milk yogurt, gelatin, stevia, cacao nibs and some pumpkin seeds.


Like avocado salad or some cabbage, rice and chicken.


Sardines are also a healthy snack, as long as  they’re soaked in olive oil or water.


Source: http://www.organichealthcorner.com/12-snacks-wont-spike-blood-sugar-make-gain-weight-store-fat/