Recipes with vinegar for the body help fight fatigue, improve blood circulation, tighten and tone the skin and relieve it of stretch marks. Baths, masks and scrubs are prepared using table and fruit vinegars with various additives.

There are many simple but effective folk cosmetic products which you only need natural ingredients that are in every house to prepare. Body care remedies, cooked according to these recipes, no less effectively improve the condition of the skin than expensive cosmetic preparations.

We want to give you 6 reasons

#1.Soothes sunburn. Overdo being in the sun? Take a vinegar bath. It will ease the pain from the burn and help it to heal faster.

#2.A bath with the addition of vinegar smoothes the skin, makes it soft and pleasant to the touch. In addition, the benefit of the acetic bath is that when it is taken, blood circulation is increased, metabolic processes are accelerated, as a result of which it is possible to get rid of excess kilograms in the shortest possible time.

#3. This procedure will also get rid of an unpleasant smell on your body. Chemically overloaded deodorants simply cover up the smell. By taking a bath with apple cider vinegar, you remove the bacteria that create an unpleasant smell accumulating in warm, moist places, such as your underarms.

#4.It makes hair soft. Vinegar can improve the quality of hair, removing the remains of shampoos and the accumulation of cosmetic products. It acts as a natural conditioner, leaves the hair soft and smooth.

#5. It can get rid of nail fungus. Foot baths with apple cider vinegar will help with the treatment of fungal nail infections that occur when the pH surrounding the nail skin is more alkaline. Vinegar creates an unfavorable environment for the fungus.

#6. It will prevent your body from bad odour. You will sweat less with the help of apple cider vinegar baths. You will be able even to give up deodorant.


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