Do you constantly feel tired? If the answer is “yes” then it is likely that the exhaustive list of things you must complete and the inconsistent sleep schedule are not to be blamed. The reason for no energy can be your healthy diet.

And these are 7 such healthy groceries:

  1. Oats


Oatmeal is a healthy and fantastic food that will fill you up with energy, but adding maple syrup or instant oatmeal in packaging means excess sugar and, of course, an elevated blood sugar level and a drop in energy later.


In fact, a quarter cup of maple syrup, which is a really small amount, contains 50 grams of sugar.


In order not to feel a fall in energy: eat oats, but combine them with dressings like hazelnut oil, chopped hazelnuts or chia seeds. They contain proteins and healthy fats that lower your blood sugar levels.



  1. Sweetened yogurt


Not every yogurt is done the same way. In fact, in 170 grams of disinfected chocolate yoghurt from an organic brand has 35 grams of sugar – it’s much more than a snickers chocolate.


In order not to feel a drop in energy: choose plain Greek yogurt and add blueberries and hazelnuts.


Greek yogurt has twice as many stabilizing proteins for blood sugar, unlike heavy yogurt, and blueberries sweeten without your energy falling.



  1. Vegetable chips


Just because there is a “vegetable” in the name, do not assume that you have a sufficient amount of greenery in your body. Often, those salty, crunchy, processed sticks are made from potato starch, a complex carbohydrate that will make you feel lethargic if you overdo it.


Do not feel a drop in energy: make your own chips or fries from vegetables using fresh kale, sweet potatoes or beets.


Does it look like too much work? Then you can be old-fashioned and prepare fresh carrots with humus that are filled with energy-sustaining proteins and are filled with fiber.



  1. Red wine


Studies show that wine before sleep disturbs your sleeping cycle and can cause drowsiness the next day.


Even one to two cups cause you to fall asleep faster, your sleeping time is often short and lasts just hours before waking up by rolling over the bed. Also, alcohol dehydrates, what can you play with your focus.


To not feel a drop in energy: skip wine drinking before falling asleep or drink 2 to 3 hours before you sleep.


Better still if you drink wine with lunch. And do not forget to drink a glass of water for every other drink you drink during the day.



  1. Cafe


If you have trouble sleeping, then you may need to consider changing your caffeine habit and drinking coffee a little later in the morning when the stress level of the hormone cortisol, which is typically higher than when you wake up, does not begin to stabilize. And do not drink coffee after 3 pm.


Studies show that caffeine consumption 6 hours before bedtime can cause you to lose an hour’s sleep.


Do not feel a drop in energy: Drink morning coffee around 10 in the morning and at noon to optimally increase energy – then the level of cortisol naturally starts to decrease, which means you will definitely benefit from the coffee.



  1. Fruity troubles


Do not spoil the confusion in the store – they are filled with sugars, or more precisely 52 grams of sugar and insufficient amount of fat, proteins or fibers to keep you energized. You can also do the same damage yourself if you forget to add protein or fat.


So you do not feel a drop in energy: Make your home remit from and / or vegetables, but always include proteins or healthy fats like butter or avocado butter.



  1. Energy boards


They are naturally filled with vitamins and minerals, but energy boards are often filled with sweeteners that cause drastic fluctuations in energy levels, especially if you eat them like a snack, not to give you strength during exercise.


In fact, the first ingredient in the energy boards is brown syrup. Which means, energy boards will be the same as any unhealthy mildness that you eat.


So you do not feel a drop in energy: Consume energy boards that are made from real food – the shorter and more recognizable ingredient – the healthier and better to eat.


Also, make sure there is no sugar or other sweetener in the declaration and look for energy boards that have a good amount of fiber and protein.

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