How do I know if I’m pregnant? This question raises fears of unplanned pregnancy, and often occurs precisely when the classic test is not available at all … Here’s how to check the suspicion.


The pregnancy test is a recognized pregnancy indicator with a mandatory visit to a gynecologist, but what to do if you are thinking about pregnancy during the night, have a panic attack and have no where to buy a test? In a bottle with urine, squeeze out a little white toothpaste and mix slowly. Leave to stand for 3 to 5 minutes and if the paste is the same you are not pregnant, but if the paste has become sparkling or has blue shades then it may be pregnant, HCG (pregnancy hormone) in an individually chemically reacting to the paste as well pregnancy test.

However, this test is uncertain, so it is best if you do a classic test and make sure to visit a gynecologist if you have any doubts.

 Something more about travelling while pregnancy

If the pregnancy has a normal course, there are no signs of possible complications (pain, bleeding, contractions, swelling of the legs or data of difficulties from previous pregnancies), there is no reason for the pregnant woman to fear and not travel, of course, provided that the future mother is well prepare and take care of some things specific to her condition. Pregnancy is not a disease and if everything is fine and the gynecologist approves the journey, it will be a pleasant experience and change.

Medical documentation: When traveling, it is important to take the latest medical documentation for the examinations, blood group and health insurance data. It is also good to be informed in advance about the gynecological service in the place where the pregnant woman is staying, and in any case not to go to destinations where there are no health institutions. If symptoms develop that indicate possible problems, you should immediately contact your doctor for help.

Travel Pharmacy: A road pharmacy must be transported on the road, in which, besides medications that the pregnant woman may take, there should be preparations against constipation, diarrhea and ezines, and the best way for the contents of the road pharmacy is to consult your doctor or a pharmacist.

Means of transport: Everything has the advantage and mana, so the pregnant woman needs to be determined for the carriage that suits her best. Traveling by car can be tiring due to the long sitting, but the advantage is that it is possible to make pauses at will and to rest in pleasant places. If a train is chosen, it is good to go with a car for sleep, the patient can lie down. For air travel it is necessary to inform the airline about the necessary documentation, as some carriers require medical documentation when entering the aircraft. Traveling by bus is probably the most uncomfortable and the most insistent, because of lack of comfort and rare breaks, so it should be avoided.

Travel time: Between 12 and 28 weeks of pregnancy, most pregnant women are able to travel without great effort and fatigue. However, it should be avoided to travel on heat, and if it can not be avoided, make frequent breaks and think of hydration of the body. If you are traveling by car and the air conditioner is switched on, you should avoid large temperature differences in relation to outside temperature.

Destination Selection: avoiding distant, exotic destinations due to long journeys, endemic diseases, vaccination on the road, possible food poisoning, insect stings. We do not recommend mountains at high altitudes, over 3000 m, adventurous annual vacations, as a diet in nature and the like. It is best to choose a peaceful place with lots of greenery along the river, lake or sea, where it leads an asphalt road (there is not much “shaking”) and that has all the necessary infrastructure, such as food shops and doctor’s office. Food experiments should be avoided due to possible poisoning, sunshine between 10am and 4pm, as well as deviations from the usual rhythm of sleep and rest.

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