Bodybuilder Reza Rezomon, 31, from England, almost died from sepsis that he got after he was bitten by a ladybug. In particular, he was bitten by a harlequin (Asian) ladybird, which can cause serious allergic reactions, such as sepsis.

This ladybird is also seen in the Balkans last year. Resmon was immediately rushed to hospital after he noticed that his left leg was completely swollen and his fingers became black. Otherwise, the ladybird was bitten on her arm.

This condition is lethal to one in three people.

“I am very happy. I will never touch a ladybird until I’m alive. I never felt so scared. Imagine, I lift 180 pounds of bench, and a bit of a bumblebee would almost kill me. They say that my healthy diet has helped me to fight with the infection”, said the athlete.

Dr. Ron Daniels, who specializes in sepsis, said his case was a warning and a reminder that this infection can happen to anyone, even to the healthiest athletes.

“If the bite from a seemingly banal insect can be life-threatening, it is an obligation for everyone to know how to recognize the symptoms in children and adults. Every year we could save thousands of lives if we ask ourselves whether it’s a sepsis”, said Dr. Daniels.

Source : http://belhealthy.com/index.php/2017/10/20/bodybuilder-barely-survived-bite-ladybug-heres-happened/