Taking your children to the dentist is never fun, but it’s a necessary evil that has to take place in order to ensure that their teeth are healthy and clean.

However, sometimes a simple trip to the dentist can have much more serious consequences.

Texas mother Betty Squier is now left grieving the death of her 14-month-old daughter after a routine trip to her usual dentist’s office, the Austin Children’s Dentistry in Austin, Texas.

Her daughter Daisy Lynn was there to get crowns placed on two cavities that she had. Midway through the procedure, though, Squier was notified that an ambulance was on it’s way to the dental office, as complications had arisen in the middle of the procedure. Daisy Lynn was dead within hours.

Although the family is waiting for the official toxicology report to determine the official cause of death, it is known that her death was somehow due to cardiac arrest as a result of the anesthesia process the toddler underwent for her dental crown procedure. Now, Squier has a message for other parents.

“I don’t want any other parent to have to lose a child this way. Please, please make sure your children brush and floss, so they don’t get cavities,” she told People magazine.

While her advice to avoid the dentists altogether may not be as sound, her recommendation to keep up on oral hygiene is definitely important.

For Squier, though, her biggest fear is having to bring her 5-year-old, Eli Torres, back to the dentist, in case a similar thing happens to him.

“If I could have done something different for Daisy Lynn, and if I could give any parents advice, I would tell them to do more research on your dentist and your anesthesiologist and to get as many second opinions as you possibly can.”

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