People in America consider obesity to be their biggest problem. But, obesity in Japan for example is extremely rare. Japanese women only have 3% of obesity. That’s the lowest obesity rate in the world!

They also have the highest life expectancy in the world with 85 years on average and in the US people have 80 years on average.


Japanese women age very slowly. Their skin is glowing, tight and most of them are also pretty fit. Japanese women don’t exercise a lot. Their secret is in something very simple in fact.

Naomi Moriyama is a Japanese woman gained 25 pounds in only 2 months while she lived in the US. But, when she returned to Japan, the extra pounds just disappeared. “All I did was get back…” says Naomi. This is a video of her story. There she reveals the secret about this amazing question: why Japanese women don’t get old or fat?

Source : http://www.newdailyrecipes.com/2017/04/29/jjapanese-women-dont-get-old-fat/